Wifi Party

Own the party and have fun with your friends’ music like never before! Wifi Party is an exclusive feature of DJ Mixer II.

Use Wifi Party to mix your friends songs in your party using DJ Mixer II and a Wifi network.

Using Wifi Party is easy and fun. You start a Wifi party in DJ Mixer II on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch and ask your friends to get their iPhones, iPads or iPod Touches on the same Wifi network as you and join the Wifi Party from DJ Mixer II on their mobile devices.

Once friends join, they can request songs from your Wifi Party Playlist, vote down upcoming songs in your playlist that they don’t like, and even contribute songs from their mobile music library to your party mix.

You are always in control and can choose which song added by friends to mix by loading it to a DJ Mixer II deck from your library.

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Pricing and Availability

Wifi Party is available in DJ Mixer II for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. For best results, we recommend running the latest version of DJ Mixer available in the App store.

Wifi Party is free to try with few songs from friends. Unlock the Wifi Party Premium feature to receive an unlimited number of songs from friends in your party.

Unlocking the feature requires a one-time in-app-purchase. This in-app-purchase allows you to use the premium feature on any mobile device you own.

Your friends do not need to buy the feature to join your wifi party and add songs to the party.

Starting a Wifi Party

  1. Get your mobile device on an available Wireless network and remember the network name
  2. Tap Start a Wifi Party in DJ Mixer main menu
  3. Tap Start Accepting Songs
  4. Go to your Music Library and add songs to the Wifi Party Playlist . Friends who join the party will be able to see this playlist directly on their mobile devices.

Getting your friends to join your Wifi Party

  1. Tell your friends to install the free DJ Mixer II and to get on the same Wifi network you are on
  2. Tell your friends to tap Join a Wifi Party in DJ Mixer on their mobile device

Wifi Partying 

  • Once your friends join they can see your Wifi Party Playlist on their mobile devices and like or dislike songs in your Wifi playlist
  • Your friends can add any song from their mobile device music library to the party or add their top 5 rated songs or their top 5 most-played songs with one tap
  • Songs added by your friends will appear in your Wifi Party Playlist and you can mix them with the App by loading them to one of the two DJ Mixer decks
  • Your friends added songs will be removed from your copy of DJ Mixer II once the party is over at the break of dawn. Remember, your friends just temporarily lent you their song for a limited time to mix up in the party

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