Waves Audio Engine

Upgrade your mixer app to the Waves Audio Engine, developed and optimized for our mixing Apps by Waves, the world’s leading developer of professional audio plugins.
The Waves Audio Engine includes a superior sweepable HP/LP resonant filters/FX on iPad/iPhone, and a professional grade 3-band EQ

Resonant Filters

  • Superior sounding high-pass and low-pass resonant filters
  • Sweep the filters on each deck using the touch-optimized ribbon interface
  • Professional grade Waves Audio filters exclusively available on all Musicsoft Arts mixing apps
  • Replaces the built-in filters

DJ Style 3-band EQ

  • Pro-studio level Waves Audio EQ for your mixer app
  • Boost the bass, enhance those highs – control your sound!
  • Cut the bass while mixing between tracks for a smooth mix
  • Replaces the built-in EQ

Availability and Pricing

  • Requires iPad 2 or newer
  • Available as a premium upgrade in the following mixing Apps: DJ Mixer Pro, DJ Mixer, Carl Cox Mixer, Vibe Music Mixer, and DJ Spooky Mixer 
  • Tap Waves Audio Engine from the Main Menu to purchase the upgrade
  • Waves Audio Engine On/Off switch  in the Settings screens allow to toggle between the Waves Audio and the built-in engines