DJ Mixer II Tutorial

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A note to DJ Mixer Pro Users

We have been providing more than 50 free updates to DJ Mixer Pro for over the 3 years, making it the most updated and supported music App in the App Store but we found it impossible to support both iOS 7 and previous iOS versions in the same App. DJ Mixer Pro is not optimized for iOS 7 and is not supported on iOS 7. DJ Mixer Pro is still supported for iOS 5 and iOS 6 and is available in the App Store so existing users can install on their devices. If you use iOS 7 we recommend you’ll get the new DJ Mixer II App for iPhone and iPad. Thanks for your support and premium features purchases we are able to keep improving our Apps and adding new features via free updates.

DJ Mixer II iPad Tutorial

DJ Mixer II iPhone / iPod Touch Tutorial

DJ Mixer II Support and Community

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