DJ Mixer II Support

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Getting support:

  1. Please first read the DJ Mixer II Tutorial if you cannot find an answer to your question here.

  2. If you still have an issue or a problem then please contact us via email at Please include your device model, iOS version number and your DJ Mixer II App version. We answer all support emails within 24 hours.


Restoring Paid Features
Crashing Issues
Importing Track Problems
Importing Playlists
DJ with Headphones
Facebook Likes/Free Downloads

Q: I just downloaded the latest update for DJ Mixer II 8.1. Now it’s asking me to Unlock all of the features that I’ve already paid for in the past? Help!

A: Buying a feature is a lifetime purchase and will function on all upgrades. If you have already purchased the DJ Mixer II Pro app or any additional features, you should not have to pay for them again. Please go to the iTunes App Store, sign in to the account you originally used to purchase the app, and then download it. Once the app has been installed, you may need to restore paid features to regain access to the unlocked version of the app or purchased upgrades.

Follow these steps to restore to your paid features:

  1. On iPhone or iPod Touch tap the Settings button in the bottom buttons row, and tap Restore Paid Features. On iPad – tap Settings from the mixer screen and tap Restore Paid Features
  2. When prompted, enter your iTunes account information. All features purchased with this iTunes account in DJ Mixer II on any other mobile device you own will be restored in DJ Mixer II on your mobile device

Q: After DJing for few minutes the app will suddenly crash and will not work. What can I do so it won’t happen while playing in a party?

A: You may have too many open Apps on your mobile device. Some Apps, such as audio and music Apps do not get suspended when moved to the background.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Hold down the DJ Mixer II App icon
  2. Exit the DJ Mixer II App by tapping the Red close button on the upper left side of icon
  3. Using the same method, close all other open Apps
  4. Relaunch the DJ Mixer II App

In addition, please make sure that you have ample space on your device and that it is not running low on memory.

Q: Why can’t I add a track to my library? The blue plus sign next to the track name is inactive!

A: Once a track has been imported to DJ Mixer II, it will remain there until it is deleted manually. If adding a track is disabled, that means it has already been imported to DJ Mixer II. To find an imported track, go to your DJ Mixer II library and tap. Go to the ‘All Tracks’ playlist and search for your imported track.

If you still cannot located the desired track, remove it from your device and DJ Mixer II libraries and add it to your device again. Open DJ Mixer II back up and you should now be able to import it.

For more information on adding tracks to DJ Mixer II, go here for iPad and here for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Q: Can I import a whole playlist from iTunes to DJ Mixer II? or I have to do it one track at a time?

A: You can now import entire playlists to DJ Mixer II.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue:

  1. Make a playlist in your device library and add tracks to it.
  2. Open DJ Mixer II
  3. Tap ‘Music Library
  4. Tap ‘Add Your Music’
  5. Tap ‘Your iPad Music Library’
  6. Tap the Playlists  tab at bottom
  7. Tap the blue ‘+’ next to the desired playlist to import all the tracks!

For more information on playlist functions in DJ Mixer II, go here for iPad and here for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Q: I can’t understand how to use the DJ with Headphones feature. Can you help me?

A: You can learn all about DJ with Headphones on our dedicated blog page. We list all the compatibility options available and specific steps to follow to set up full stereo monitoring with DJ with Headphones.

Q: I ‘Liked’ your page Musicsoft Arts Mobile Music on Facebook, but still cannot download additional free songs, what do I do?

A: Please make sure that you ‘Like’ the Musicsoft Arts page on Facebook in both the Facebook app and in your primary Web Browser. Make sure that you are logged in with the same Facebook account in both places.

If your problem persists, you may not have given DJ Mixer II permissions in the  Facebook App. Go to your device’s Privacy Settings and tap Facebook to make sure that DJ Mixer II access to your Facebook account is turned ‘On’.