SoundCloud FAQ

Q: How can I upload my recorded mixes to SoundCloud?

A: When you are done recording a mix tap the Upload to SoundCloud button. Your recording will be uploaded to your SoundCloud account. When uploading to SoundCloud, please respect the SoundCloud Community Guidelines and only upload tracks with permission from the right holders.

Q: How can I mix my own SoundCloud tracks in DJ Mixer?

A: You can now add any track on SoundCloud, including your own tracks and favorites, directly to DJ Mixer by using our Cloud Music feature. To access SoundCloud to import tracks, open DJ Mixer and tap the ‘Cloud Music‘ button. Tap the SoundCloud Button, sign-in to your SoundCloud account, and choose Your SoundCloud Tracks. You will see a list of all your SoundCloud Tracks. Tap the Add Button (Plus Icon) to add a track to the music library and mix it in the mixer. This feature is designed to give you access to your own track and mixes directly on your mobile device and to mix your own SoundCloud stored music on the go.

SoundCloud in DJ Mixer

Q: How can I mix tracks from SoundCloud in the mixer?

A: You can search SoundCloud for mixable tracks and mixes. Rights holder give permissions to some of their SoundCloud tracks using the Creative Commons license. When you search for SoundCloud tracks in DJ Mixer II, only tracks that were approved for remixing by the right holders are available for adding to your music library. To find these tracks, tap the Cloud Music button in the DJ Mixer home screen, then tap SoundCloud and import from Hot Tracks, Your Favorites, Your Sounds, or via a custom search. You can preview any track and add it to your music library by tapping the Add Button (Plus icon).

SoundCloud for DJ Mixer

Q: What versions of DJ Mixer support SoundCloud?

A: Currently, SoundCloud functionality is available in DJ Mixer II.