Enhance your sound with Maxx plug-ins from Waves

Maxx is Power! Turn on MaxxVolume to pump-up your mix. Turn on MaxxBass to boost the bass.

Optimize the sound of  your speakers or headphones for the ultimate sound with MaxxVolume, an all-in-one volume control, featuring High Level Compression to increase RMS levels, Low Level Compression to increase the clarity of soft sounds, Noise Gating to eliminate signal and system noise, and Leveling to smooth out volume levels.

Plus, MaxxVolume can be used to implement intelligent, manufacturer-defined ear protection mechanisms.
Patented Waves MaxxBass¨ psycho-acoustic bass extension delivers a more natural sound than traditional bass boost technologies, which use EQ and can overpower your system. MaxxBass analyzes low frequencies to create harmonics which are perceived as lower, deeper tones.