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DJ Mixer II

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DJ Mixer II is the most advanced music mixing App for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with over 1 million active DJs worldwide. Use DJ Mixer to quickly play a continuous mix with smooth fades between songs or to mix tracks at a party.

NEW! DJ Mixer now includes access to the hottest tracks and mixes in the world. Learn more about CLOUD MUSIC and connect your mixer to the cloud today.

DJ Mixer II fully supports iOS 7 and iPhone 5, 5C, 5S support. It also includes a built-in sampler with samples from the world’s top DJs and Producers and access to great free dance music tracks from the cloud. Free to try with your tracks before unlocking the full mixer.

DJ Mixer is the only iOS mixing App that is fully connected to the cloud. Add to your mix hot tracks and mixes from DJCloud, Bander and SoundCloud. Learn more about Cloud Music

DJ Mixer includes a great-sounding EQ and Resonant filter out of the box. You can also unlock premium EQ & FX plugins from Waves the worlds leading audio plugins company.

You can DJ with headphones with DJ Mixer using an external HDMI or USB audio card.

DJ Mixer 8 for iPhone

Beat match your tracks without affecting the playback pitch and to quickly skip to different places in your tracks to find the best time to mix using a unique visual display, automatic BPM and song structure detection.

DJ Mixer II is the only iPad music mixer that lets you turn your iPad into a complete DJ turntable or CDJ. Learn more about this feature…

DJ Mixer II Features Highlights

  • Cloud Music – Access to thousands of great tracks and mixes from the world’s top DJs and producers. Preview tracks add what you like to your mixer playlist. At your next party – drop these hot tracks to your mix to own the party! Cloud Music also includes access to sounds from SoundCloud – the world’s largest online repository of sounds and hot EDM tracks.
  • 22 free audio samples in 9 sample packs from the world’s top music producers and DJ such as MING, DJ Young Guru, DJ Spooky and Dan Farber to spice-up your mix. Install additional optional samples from these artists or use your own sounds as samples. Use an advanced sampler panel on your iPad for great control over samples playback and mixing.
  • A multi-touch and beat-synced effects panel for each of the 2 mixing decks (iPad and iPhone). Select from Delay, Echo, Resonant Filter, Echo 1, Resonant Low Pass, Wah Wah, Gate, Transformer, Bit Crush, Chorus, Flanger, Compressor, Phaser and Loop Roll effects. Control pre-fx input levels, Wet/Dry mix and additional parameters in real-time.

Exclusive premium features from Waves Audio, the world’s leading audio-plugins company:

  • The best sounding sweepable HP/LP resonant filters/FX (iPad)
  • A professional grade 3-band EQ (iPad)
  • MAXXVolume – Pump up the volume of your mixes (iPad)
  • MAXXBass – Boost the bass for a fat sounding mix (iPad)

Try these features before you buy to hear the difference for yourself!

  • Exclusive wifi-party feature – allow your friends to see your DJ set playlist in real-time, request songs, vote-down songs they don’t want you to play and even add their own songs to your playlist from their iPhone or iPad so you can drop them to your mix!
  • Single deck mode (iPad) – use your iPad as a complete turntable or CDJ replacement.
  • Beautiful optimized life-like turntable and CDJ mixing interface
  • Use the built-in high-quality 3 channels mixer to easily mix any 2 tracks in your playlist without a dedicated music mixer hardware.
  • DJ with headphones using HDMI or USB Audio Interfaces.
  • Automatic BPM and track beats and bars detection and display.
  • Set and play beat-accurate automatic or manual loops on your tracks.
  • Set and quickly jump to 4 hot-cue points (iPad).
  • Use auto-mixing to quickly play a continuous mix with smooth, beat matched fades between your songs.
  • Scratch, rewind or speed up the record on the virtual turntable!
  • Beat match your tracks without altering the pitch to create great sounding mixes. Sync your music. Sync the beats and the bars of your tracks with one touch for a great sounding mix.
  • Control the playback pitch without changing the playback rate.
  • Individual 3-band EQ per deck – pump the bass, cut out mids, or crank the highs – take control over the sound for enhanced mixing. EQ includes a DJ-grade isolator with kill and bypass features and a musical EQ for finer audio manipulation.
  • High Performance. Includes highly-accurate and low-latency real-time audio mixing technology.
  • Great audio format support – MP3, AAC/M4A, WAV, AIFF, OGG, WMA, ASF, ALAC, FLAC and MP4 audio files are supported. Add audio files from your device music library or import from your PC or Mac using iTunes File Sharing or from your SoundCloud account.

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    • What you need to do is make sure that you are closing out all background applications. To do this double tap the home button a bar will appear. Hold down on one of the apps that appears until a – appears above it. Tap the – buttons untill all apps are closed. Do this each time you want to remove the DJ Mixer image from your home screen.
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      O que você precisa fazer é se certificar que você está fechando todos os aplicativos em segundo plano. Para fazer isso duplo toque no botão Home uma barra aparecerá. Segure-se em um dos aplicativos que aparece até a – aparece acima dela. Toque no – botões untill todos os aplicativos são fechados. Faça isso cada vez que você deseja remover a imagem Mixer DJ de sua tela inicial.
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