App Updates

DJ Mixer II

Version 1.6. Release Date: mid december , 2013

  • Search your Google music library by title, artist or album name to quickly find a track in your collection that you’d like to mix
  • Fixes to most common reported issues

Version 1.5. Release Date: November 19th, 2013

  • Mix any track from your Google Play locker (up to 20,000 tracks per locker)
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

Version 1.4. Release Date: November 14th, 2013

  • Fixed a common issue where scrolling quickly in a large device music library view will cause the App to crash (iPhone, iPad)
  • Enhanced effects settings (iPhone, iPad)

Version 1.3. Release Date: November 6th, 2013

  • Brand new 2 type of DJ-grade EQ for iPhone – choose from extreme or smooth. Apply EQ on each of the 2 mixing decks
  • Additional effects for iPhone and iPad! Go wild with Delay, Echo, Resonant Filter, Echo 1, Resonant Low Pass, Wah Wah, Gate, Transformer, Bit Crush, Chorus, Flanger, Compressor, Phaser and Loop Roll.
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

DJ Mixer II for iPhone EQ

DJ Mixer II Effects iPhone

Version 1.2. Release Date: November 1st, 2013

  • 8 new beat-aware effects for each of the 2 mixing decks. Use Delay, Echo, Gate, Flanger, Transformer, Wah Wah, Resonant Low Pass and Resonant Filter to enhance your mix and to manipulate the audio of each deck in real-time (iPad only. Coming to iPhone in version 1.3)
  • Advanced pre-effect isolator EQ for more control over effects playback (iPad 4, iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina Display). For example, apply Echo and Delay without flooding your mix with delay from drum or bass sounds
  • Mix FLAC files copied from your PC or Mac with iTunes file sharing (iPhone and iPad)
  • Improved iOS 7 lock-screen and control-center support (iPhone and iPad)
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

DJ Mixer II Effects

Version 1.1. Release date: October 115th, 2013

DJ Mixer II App

  • New free mixable tracks from great DJs and Producers
  • Full iOS 7, iPad, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S support
  • Brand new built-in samples player with samples from the world’s top DJs and Producers
  • Brand new music library and user interface
  • Full access to Cloud Music and more…

DJ Mixer Pro and DJ Mixer 8.1

Release date: July 17th, 2013

DJCloud for iPhone

  • Full access to Cloud Music on iPhone & iPod Touch as well as iPad
  • Audio analysis and beat detection improvements
  • Bug fixes

DJ Mixer Pro and DJ Mixer 8.0

Release date: July 6th, 2013


  • Brand new audio analysis engine with an improved tempo/bpm and beats locations detection. Automatic creation of beat grids for any song (iPhone / iPad)
  • Brand new frequency-coded waveform display that makes it easy to find song sections without beats, quiet or loud. Instantly skip to that section by tapping (iPad / iPhone)
  • New iPad mixer center area with easy-to-access mixing panels (iPad)
  • New BEATS panel with a larger frequency-coded waveform display with beats and bars indicators for any song loaded to the mixer (iPad)
  • Nudge playback for accurate syncing by slightly tapping the beats in the beats panel (iPhone / iPad)
  • Fixed issue with user-created playlists getting removed on app startup for some users
  • New audio playback normalization. Automatically increases the volume of quiet tracks. Can be turned off and on via the settings (iPhone / iPad)
  • New Built-in DJ-grade 3-band EQ with KILL and BYPASS switches per EQ channel, and an all-new DJ-grade ISOLATOR mode. Isolator mode -inf to +6 db. EQ mode -26 to +6 db (iPad)
  • Control EQ mode (ISOLATOR/EQ) per mixing deck (iPad)
  • Improved and easier-to-use vertical EQ knobs replace the harder-to-use rotary knobs (iPad)
  • New improved iPhone mixing screens with full support for iPhone 5 screen-size. New digital-mixing mode with waveforms, beats and bars display for easy mixing and an improved turntable / CDJ mixer screen in landscape mode (iPhone)
  • Easier-to-access samples playback (iPad)
  • New easier-to-use and cleaned-up main menu (iPad / iPhone)
  • Automatic music library migration to the audio analysis engine on first run (iPhone/iPad)
  • New larger and easier-to-use Settings and Main Menu mixer buttons (iPad)
  • New playlist sort option to make it easy to find recently added tracks (iPhone, iPad)
  • Automatic snapping of cue points and loops to the beat grid (iPhone / iPad)
  • Greatly improved DJ Player feature (iPad)
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

DJ Mixer 8 for iPhone

DJ Mixer Pro and DJ Mixer 7.0

✔ New! change the mixer cross-fader curve for more control over your mix. Choose from 4 including presets.
✔ An all-new single-deck mixing mode on the iPad for the ultimate iPad mixing experience. Enjoy the extra large turntable or all-new CDJ views and deck mixing controls. For the first time ever, you can use your iPad as a complete pro CDJ replacement for a fraction of the price of a CDJ player
✔ Rotate your iPad to portrait mode while mixing to access the single-deck view
✔ Quickly switch between the 2 mixing decks using the decks pager control
✔ Use the pager control to zoom-in to one of the mixing decks when mixing

DJ Mixer Pro and DJ Mixer 6.10

This is a bug fixes update without any new major feature.Our goal is to let you mix with confidence for hours without any sound drops or crashes. We have fixed all major reported issues in previous App versions. Thanks for your support and for using DJ Mixer!

✔ Fix to crash in browsing the music library
✔ Improved scratching performance
✔ Improved handling of a large number of songs in the music library
✔ Improved music library scrolling performance
✔ Improved importing songs from your device’s music library

DJ Mixer Pro and DJ Mixer 6.9

✔ Multiple cue points on your iPad
✔ Cue points display improvements
✔ Bug fixes and optimizations
✔ New iPad main menu
✔ New hot songs from Skrillex, NAS and DJ Premier
✔ Improved mixing deck command bar look and feel

DJ Mixer Pro 6.8

✔ Bug fixes and optimizations
✔ New free mixable songs from our partner artists and record labels

DJ Mixer Pro 6.7

✔ Import playlists from your device’s music library and not just individual songs
✔ Import an album, all songs by an artist or by a genre from your music library
✔ Mix songs from SoundCloud.
✔ Improved wifi party reliability
✔ Turn off or on lock-screen integration via the settings
✔ New free mixable songs from our partner artists and record labels
✔ Bug fixes and optimizations
Thanks to your support and premium features purchases we are able to keep adding free features to the App by updates.

DJ Mixer Pro 6.6 / DJ Mixer 6.6 (paid)

✔ Greatly improved MaxxBass intensity – turn up the bass! DJ Mixer gives you the phatest bass sound on iOS! Try before you buy to hear the results!
✔ Improved iPad turntables scratching and rotation animation – time to spinback!
✔ New free song download from the hot London duo 14th presented for free by Ford Fusion
✔ Improved cover art images for retina displays

DJ Mixer Pro 4.6/ DJ Mixer 4.6 (paid)

A free update to all DJ Mixer Pro users. Features and fixes:

- Smoother turntable operation and animation
- New free tracks from Borgore and Databoy
- Bug fixes

DJ Mixer Pro 4.3/ DJ Mixer 4.3(paid)

A free update to all DJ Mixer Pro users. Features and fixes:

  • Created two versions of the app. The DJ Mixer Pro version that alows you to try before you buy using in app purchases and the DJ Mixer paid app for $19.99 you unlock all of the premium features with one purchase from the app store
  • Fixes random crashes and improves stability
  • Fixes an issue with the samples
  • Other minor bug fixes

DJ Mixer Pro 4.2.1

A free update to all DJ Mixer Pro users. Features and fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with importing MP3 audio files in iOS 5.1.
  • New feature: set cover art from the internet for any song!
    Tap a song in your music library and tap ‘Set Cover Art’. Note that song should have the correct title and artist name for this feature to work properly.
    You can set the correct title and artist name for any song by tapping a song in the library and tapping the View Details command
  • Support for the new iPad Retina display – several display issues fixed
  • Various bug fixes and optimizations

DJ Mixer Pro 4.2

  • Supports headphones with DJ cable. Feature is 100% free.
  • Fix noise issue when changing deck tempo
  • Bug fixes
  • New premium FREE music downloads
  • Hundreds of new free mixable songs from Bander – the music discovery App
  • A free update to all users of earlier versions of DJ Mixer
  • Available now in the app Store worldwide

DJ Mixer Pro 4.1

DJ Mixe Pro 4.1 is a FREE upgrade to earlier versions of DJ Mixer Pro and is available as of February 8th, 2012 in the App Store worldwide.
These features and updates are also applicable to the following Apps: DJ Mixer (iPhone Only), Carl Cox Mixer, Vibe Music Mixer and DJ Spooky.

New free features

  • DJ with Headphones with 2 mobile devices over Bluetooth – no Wifi Required!
  • Headphones audio improvements – less lags and buffering
  • Graceful failure on DRM or iCloud track import
  • Improved audio metering and LED display
  • Show currently playing track in the iOS 4+ background task bar and support pause and play from the task bar. Show cover art of playing song on device locked screen.
  • Show album cover in device locked mode
  • Locked screen audio handling. Don’t stop audio when devices locks


  • Increased stability
  • Recovery from switching to another music app and back
  • Downloads queue management and display improvements
  • Headphones – handle change in audio route gracefully
  • Respond to remote-control events (from the background task bar, or iPod headphones buttons)
  • Support multi-touch on the FX filter ribbon
  • iPhone startup experience improvement
  • Fixed issue with headphones in-app-purchase not showing as unlocked after purchase

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