DJ Mixer Pro 3.8 – Free upgrade to all DJ Mixer Pro users

We are happy to announce today that the all new DJ Mixer Pro 3.8 is now live App Store with many bug fixes and several small but cool improvements. We are going to start sharing DJ Mixer change logs so you can see exactly what changed from the previous version. DJ Mixer Pro 3.8 is a free update to all current DJ Mixer Pro users and includes updates for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone and iPod Touch. Thanks for your continued support, feature requests, and feedback. More DJ Mixer announcements are coming from us very soon, stay tuned and keep it rocking!

- Your friends @ DJ Mixer HQ

DJ Mixer Pro 3.8 Change Log

All Platforms (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

  • New App Icons (Golden record)
  • New Musicsoft arts splash Screen
  • Various crashing bugs fixes to enhance App stability
  • Fixed in-app-purchases bug where in some cases wifi party premium purchases were not restored on App startup
  • Added sounds to push notification default request for permission
  • Fixed issue with remote push notifications badge not going to 0 after receiving a notification

iPad and iPad 2

  • New mixing interface improvements – loops and tempo+pitch are now appear in an all new deck panel and not in a popover. Expect exciting new features in the all new deck panel very, very soon :-)
  • First-time user experience improvements: prompt to download 2nd track when 1st download is done. Prompt to go to the mixer when 2nd download is done
  • Tap on turntable in the start screen for quick access the mixer screen
  • Tap on a track display area (blue shaded area) of a deck to display the music library for new track selection. This enables quick track loading to a mixer deck
  • Enhanced decks volume knob – It is now easier to control Deck A and Deck B volume
  • Double-tap on Deck volume knob to reset it to the default volume
  • Better low memory conditions handling
  • New Bander and MSA banners in start page to let user know about other Musicsoft Arts Apps

iPhone and iPod Touch Only

  • When Downloads screen is accessed from the main menu, back button now takes user to the main menu and not to the playlists screen
  • Stability bug fixes to reduce crashes while mixing

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